MDRT Special Event: Mind the gap - How to motivate clients to secure adequate life coverage

Date: July 26, 2021

Time: 01:00PM - 02:00PM

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A recent study from LIMRA and Life Happens determined that just 54% of Americans have any life insurance coverage, a significant decline from the previous decade. But because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are re-examining their priorities. In fact, 29% of Americans say they are more likely to buy life insurance as a result of the pandemic, while 68% of those who already have coverage would consider buying more. Clearly, this is a critical time in the life insurance profession, and it is more important than ever that advisors address this troubling gap in coverage.

MDRT, as part of the Help Protect Our Families initiative, presents a conversation with David Eric Appel, CLU, ChFC, and George B. Sigurdson, CLU, to examine how advisors can rise to the challenge and help clients and prospects see the value of life insurance. Appel and Sigurdson will share their ideas for guiding clients to obtain adequate coverage, including grasping the urgency of making a purchase before it’s too late.

The discussion will be moderated by nine-year MDRT member Meagan S. Balaneski, CFP, RFP. There will be a live Q&A session after the presentation.